The New Phoenix Initiative


Our mission is to connect individuals with the services they need when they need them. We provide the formerly incarcerated with increased capacity for growth and hope. The Hairston Foundation established The New Phoenix Initiative to work with community partners to increase employment opportunities to returning citizens – focusing on the healthcare industry.  

The New Phoenix Initiative provides high quality resources to ex-offenders and provides entry level employment in the healthcare field.

Program Statistics

Every year, over 600,000 people will leave prison and attempt to rejoin their neighbors as members of society. Despite seeking employment at rates higher than the general population, ex-offenders are half as likely to find employment and face unemployment rates five times the national average.  

Program Goals:

Our goals are to establish the New Phoenix Initiative commitment to improve employment opportunities for returning citizens and creating a model for other industries. 

Program Objectives:

  • Increase employment for former incarcerated persons
  • Increase aid and resources to incarcerated persons
  • Decrease poverty among former incarcerated persons 


We hope to continue expanding our initiative across Greater Philadelphia.