Volunteer service worldwide
volunteer service worldwide

Changing the world, one village at a time

Who We Are

volunteer service worldwide

Volunteer Service Worldwide seeks to provide fundamental support to developing nations where poverty is high and access to opportunity and education are low.

We will accomplish this goal by partnering with organizations on the ground in the nations we aim to serve through:

  •  education
  • advocacy
  • increased employment opportunities
  • poverty alleviation
  • creating access to basic resources like clean water and hygiene
We will work to augment the work of international volunteer service organizations by supplying volunteers and funds. The level of need is hard to fathom, but we aim to make a difference one village at a time.

What We Do

Like our parent organization, we provide direct advocacy on behalf of individuals who may have specific needs relating to their health and well-being.  Additionally, we engage in issue-oriented advocacy to promote public sector programs that benefit at risk populations, including low-income seniors and people with disabilities.     In the International sector we support communities in developing nations so they can become self-sustaining. Our volunteers may provide a wide range of support from education programming and tutoring, teaching English to helping build infrastructure to support a clean water supply or assist with the local food supply.

Access to English language tutoring can be life changing for a student and their family. In some regions, a test is required in order to go beyond primary school. The test is in English. We can level the playing field by creating greater access to English. Students are eager to learn because they know how important this language skill is. Likewise, clean water and basic hygiene can be the difference between a healthy life and one burdened with disease. In many regions, people walk some distance for clean water and walk it home long again. Lack of access to clean water is why disease rates are so high in emerging nations

Interested In Volunteering?

Watch our site and social media accounts for information and opportunities. We have already sent volunteers on an enriching mission to Tanzania and plan more opportunities in the future in locations in India and Peru. Volunteers will benefit from an opportunity to travel and experience culture in an unfiltered, authentic way, make connections with new people, learn new skills and self-reliance and all while in service to others.

We believe in the fundamental dignity of all people, and we affirm that everyone no matter where they live or what obstacles they may have encountered, should have a chance for success and a good quality of life.


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