the new phoenix initiative

Re-employment Opportunities for the Formerly Incarcerated

What We Do

Mindful of the growing number of citizens with some sort of criminal history, and understanding the barriers to successful re-entry, the Hairston Foundation established The New Phoenix Initiative to work with community partners to increase employment opportunities to returning citizens – focusing on the healthcare industry.

Some survey data suggest that more than half of released ex-offenders remain unemployed up to a year after their release from custody. A major goal of this program is to identify ex-offenders and train them to become family caregivers (e.g. they can be hired by one or more home care agencies to provide care to a loved one or close friend who is also a qualified Medicaid recipient).  

In partnership with the Healthcare Training institute, we provide training for individuals who wish to become family care givers and Certified Nurse Aides.

Our mission is to connect individuals with the services they need, when they need them. By providing employment training and opportunities we provide the formerly incarcerated with increased capacity for growth and hope.

Our Goals


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