The Healthcare Training Institute

Preparing the next generation of caregivers today!

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The Healthcare Training Institute

Preparing the next generation of caregivers today!

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CNA is your doorway to success

The mission of The Healthcare Training Institute of Greater Philadelphia is to train and educate the next generation of healthcare workers through comprehensive coursework and focused clinical studies to promote health and well-being of their future clients.

  • We provide quality and effective healthcare education
  • We assist our graduates in finding employment within the healthcare field
  • We develop credibility with employers within the communities we serve
  • We meet Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements
  • We provide a friendly and professional educational environment
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Train with the Best!

Our aim is for the Healthcare Training Institute of Greater Philadelphia to become the Healthcare Training school of choice in the communities we serve.

● We will develop partnerships with our community which will enhance the quality of education we provide.

● We will educate our students using the highest standards, creating growth opportunities and empowering them to support themselves and their families.

● We will provide students with quality employment assistance.

● We will conduct our business in a professional and ethical manner.

● We will provide our employees opportunities for growth and development with pride and satisfaction.

● We will remain focused on our motto: “Curant, Inservio & Auxilium.” Latin for: Care, Serve and Support.


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