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About The Hairston Foundation

Founded in 2017, The Hairston Foundation is a private, non-profit organization created to address the needs of a growing population of individuals living at or below the poverty level in Philadelphia and other urban areas.

These are frequently seniors or individuals with chronic disabilities living in terrible conditions and in need of additional support, access to programs, nutrition and resources. Through our long experience in home care and connections in the community, the Hairston Foundation founders are in a unique position to witness these issues first hand and see an opportunity to build connections for access to vital supports and programs individuals may not even know they qualify for. Through our connections, community involvement and partnerships, the Hairston Foundation aims to smooth and simplify access to the many programs available, giving individuals in need access to food, enhanced employment, undiscovered benefits and build connections to government programs.
hairston foundation
hairston foundation

While the Hairston Foundation does not deliver these vital services, we operate in the gap that exists between those services, the agencies that provide them and the individuals who need them. We provide advocacy for those most vulnerable and in need of care, including seniors, disabled veterans, home-bound individuals through our flagship programs. We provide training and sustainable employment for the formerly incarcerated, which benefits those individuals and the communities where they live and work. Finally, we support and provide education and training for individuals seeking to become home health care trainees through our own training institute.

We believe in the fundamental dignity of all people, that every individual is deserving of an opportunity for renewal and are committed to operating with integrity, transparency and advocacy. As such, we will never provide services where we will receive payment from state or other agencies and will remain free to act in the best interests of those for whom we advocate and serve.

Ultimately our goal is simple:

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Our Mission

Our mission is to address the needs of a growing population of seniors aging in place and individuals with disabilities living at or below the poverty level in Philadelphia and other urban areas.

We will address these needs by connecting individuals with resources, programs and supports they may not know are available to them and that address their basic needs for food and shelter, by advocating on their behalf with government or other relevant agencies and by providing access to job training, skills and employment to create a new generation of individuals skilled and ready to lift up the communities where they live and work. We create change and hope by empowering those we serve.
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Our Vision

To be known as the leading non-profit organization that positively impacts our urban communities through service, advocacy and authentic leadership.

We will change everyday lives for the better by addressing basic human needs for food and shelter, and have a reputation for honesty, integrity and transparency.
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Our Values

  • We believe that every human being has a fundamental dignity
  • We are committed to the belief that every one of us has an opportunity for change and renewal
  • We value open, honest, ethical and trustworthy behavior in our own staff and volunteers.
  • We will remain financially neutral in order to best represent those we serve.
  • We will treat all those we serve, including staff and volunteers, with decency and respect.
  • We believe in fundamental human rights, including a safe home, access to care, clean water, food and compassionate human interaction.


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